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Roof Platforms Systems - Roof Walkway Systems - Height Safety - Roof Access - Roof Safety

Roof Walkway. Roof Platform.
Roof Walkway. Roof Platform.

Australian Roof Safety and Access are the industry leaders in the design, installation and certification of Roof Walkway Systems and Roof Platform Systems in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

Our Roof Walkway and Roof Platform solutions offer maintenance personnel a slip resistant and designated walkway and landing area on roof areas. Roof platforms and roof walkways provide safe and trafficable access and an area to perform important maintenance and service checks for roof top equipment including air conditioning units, telecommunications equipment and roof repairs and maintenance.

We work closely with leading builders and facility managers on new and existing builders, to ensure our Roof Walkways and Roof Platforms reduce the risk or falls, accidents and injuries. As every building is different and roof access requirements vary, we custom design and install a wide range or Roof Platforms and Roof Walkways that offer unique advantages includes;

  • Slip resistant finishes (aluminium and FRP)

  • Designated 'safe to walk' area

  • Provide a levelled surface

Our national team of highly trained and accredited specialists will design a Roof Walkway System or Roof Platform that will balance your budget and roof safety requirements, while also ensuring your business complies to all regulations, standards and codes. After the installation of your Roof Platform or Roof Walkway, we'll also include a maintenance plan for the yearly inspection of your Roof Platforms and Roof Walkways to ensure they remain safe to use and compliant.

Australian Roof Safety and Access proudly installs the Sayfa Group range of Roof Walkway and Roof Platforms. As Trained and Accredited Installers, Our Height Safety Systems keep workers safe and ensure compliance.

If you require a Roof Safety and Access Solution that prevents falls, accidents and injuries, then lets have an have an obligation free consultation. Call our team on 1300 97 70 82 or email us via

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