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Height Safety Systems that keep Workers Safe & Ensure Compliance.



Our Roof Safety & Access Solutions

Prevent Falls, Accidents & Injuries.    

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If you allow workers Roof Access to your building, you have a legal obligation to comply with all Australian Standards, Codes and Regulations around Height Safety, Roof Safety, Fall Protection, Fall Prevention. Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest.

As client requirements vary and the Roof Access to each building is unique, we deliver tailored Height Safety Audit and Inspections Services through to the Design, Installation, Certification & ongoing Maintenance of Height Safety Systems.

We'll ensure the Roof Access to your building is legally compliant and will keep your workers safe. 


Australian Roof Safety and Access designs, install and certifies a complete range of Height Safety, Roof Access and Roof Safety Systems on both new and existing buildings. We are trusted by builders and facility managers to deliver Height Safety Solutions that are guaranteed to prevent Falls and Accidents.

Fixed Access Ladders

Our Fixed Ladder Access Systems and Step Bridges ensure safe roof access, are user friendly and aesthetically blend with your building. We install a wide range of vertical, angled, caged, static line, fall arrest cable, platform and step ladders to a wide variety of roofs to allow safe and easy access.

Roof Anchor Points

Our Roof Anchor Point Systems provide a secure point for workers to attach rope lines and lanyards while working at height. We offer a wide range or Roof Anchors types to suit most roof types. We install and certify a range of fall arrest and abseil roof anchors which can be fixed above the roof sheet or into the underlying structure below with a swivel attachment for easy rigging.

Roof Anchor Points.jpg
Platforms and Walkways.JPG
Roof Walkways & Platforms

Our Roof Walkway and Roof Platforms offer a slip resistant and designated access to rooftops to perform essential maintenance.  With options in both aluminium and FRP, our Roof Walkway and Roof Platforms offer a platform deck to meet loading requirements and a safe, cost effective and maintenance free access to a roof.

Roof Guardrails

Roof Guard Rails provide fall protection and an effective barrier to allow for safe roof access and maintenance of roof equipment and utilities.  Our Guard Rails are available in both fixed and fold down to help with building aesthetics, which provide maximum protection from the fall edge.

Roof Guard Rails.jpg
Static Line Systems.jpg
Static Line Systems

Our Static Line Systems ensure safe roof access with a continuous connection to a fall arrest system across varying roof surface elevations.  Fabricated from extremely durable and weather-resistant materials, they reduce loading in the event of a fall plus Static Line Systems place lless stress on structures as well as the user.

Roof Access Hatches

We install a wide range of commercial & industrial rated sliding & hinged Roof Access Hatches with Fixed or Fold Down Ladders to ensure Safe Roof Access. Roof Hatches come in a range of sized and are an ideal solution for easy, safe and cost effective internal access to your roof.  

Roof Access Hatches.jpg
Overhead Rail Systems.jpg
Overhead Rail Systems

Travel from vertical to horizontal positions on one continuous Overhead Rail System. Designed for multiple users, they offer fall protection and fall arrest for workers without the need to disconnect. Our Static Line Systems can easily be fitted with an abseil attachment for easier access to tricky areas like building facades and canopies


With an absolute commitment to protecting the safety of workers and implementing industry leading Australian Height Safety,  Australian Roof Safety and Access offer a range of Height Safety Compliance Services to check, maintain and certify existing Roof Safety & Access Solutions.

Height Safety Audits

Our advanced Height Safety Audits identify non compliance issues and recommend a Roof Safety solution to meet all Australian Standards, Codes and Regulations.

Height Safety Inspections & Testing

Our Height Safety Testing and Height Safety Inspection Services ensure your height safety, roof access and roof safety systems and equipment meet all Standards, Codes and Regulations .

Height Safety Certifications

Our Height Safety Certification services ensure your height safety solutions and roof safety systems are certified to minimum Australian Standards.



Australian Roof Safety and Access are the market leading installers of Height Safety, Roof Access and Roof Safety Systems all around Australia.

Whether its a new or existing building, we work closely with builders, facility managers and commercial property owners to ensure compliance to all regulations, codes and standards, but more importantly protecting the safety of workers while on a roof.

Every one of our Roof Safety Systems use only Australian engineered and manufactured products that are designed to exceed all Australian Regulatory Standards, and are installed by our our team of highly trained and accredited employees.

Australian Roof Safety and Access supply and recommend a range of Access and Height Safety Products from Sayfa Group. 

Join our impressive portfolio of clients that choose Australian Roof Safety and Access to protect the safety of their workers using our Fall Protection Systems.



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