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Height Safety Solutions - Roof Safety Systems - Safe Roof Access

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Australian Roof Safety & Access install and certify a complete range of Height Safety Solutions and Roof Access Systems to ensure Fall Protection for workers.

The Sayfa Group have partnered with Australian Roof Safety & Access as a leading specialist in Height Safety Solutions, Fall Protection and Roof Safety Systems to install their Access and Height Safety products in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

Since 2002 Sayfa, Melbourne based and Australian owned, market leader in access and height safety systems has been supplying modular safety products with innovative designs.

Australian Roof Safety & Access are the market leaders installing Height Safety Solutions, Fall Protection and Roof Safety Systems to protect workers at height and ensure legal compliance to all regulations, codes and standards.

With Height Safety Solutions to suit new and existing builders, 1000’s of Australia’s largest builders, facility managers and commercial property owners turn to Australian Roof Safety & Access to keep their businesses compliant and ensure workers stay safe at height.

Australian Roof Safety & Access are a Sayfa Group Accredited Installer Australia Wide. As a Sayfa Accredited Installer, we design, install and certify height safety solutions and roof safety systems on new buildings under construction or existing buildings that no longer meet code. All of our products are engineered and manufactured in Australia to far exceed all Australian regulatory standards, and are installed by our own staff. We do not subcontract work out!

We supply, install and certify a wide range of height safety solutions and roof access systems including;

Roof Anchor Points – wide range of roof anchors to suit most roof types to ensure fall arrest

Fixed Access Ladders – range of fixed, caged, angled, static line, fold down, platform and step ladders

Roof Hatches – choose from sliding and hinged roof access hatches for internal roof access

Roof Walkways – range of aluminium and FRP platforms in a wide variety of colours to suit building aesthetics

Roof Platforms – reinforced to support the weight of roof utilities

Roof Guard Rails – fixed and fold down options to ensure Fall Protection

Static Line Systems – where continuous connection to a fall restraint and fall arrest system is required

Overhead Rail Systems – when travel if required from vertical to horizontal positions on one continuous system 

As a market leading trained and accredited Height Safety Equipment Installer, Australian Roof Safety & Access is committed to protecting the ongoing safety or workers at height that use our fall protection, fall prevention and fall arrest solutions. Australian Roof Safety & Access offers a wide range of Height Safety Audit, Height Safety Inspection and Height Safety Certification to ensure our Roof Safety and Roof Access Solutions are monitored and maintained to ensure compliance and most importantly ensure workers stay safe at height.

If you are looking for trained and accredited Height Safety Equipment Installer who has experience installing a wide range of height safety equipment solutions, then contact our team today on 1300 97 70 82 or

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